This is a temporary page, showing a video feed from a bird feeder in my garden in Foyers, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

At night, when there is nothing to see, a static image replaces the video feed from half an hour before the sun goes down to half an hour before it rises again.

As well as common garden birds, Red squirrels (Sciurus vulgaris) also eat from the feeder. They seem to love those peanuts!

The squirrels come and go during daylight hours, although they seem to favour the morning, particularly the first few hours after sunrise. They are shy creatures when they first start visiting the garden and will run up the nearest tall tree and hide if I am moving around outside. As time passes most will tolerate my presence just so long as I am not too noisy or get too close.

Some, however, become very bold, allowing me to approach within a few metres while they are eating.

Working-out how to stream the video to a website was both a personal challenge and work-related project. Aside from being interested in such things, I wanted to show the video on my business webpage ( as a means of generating some extra traffic. I have not finished that task yet, hence the video is still being shown here…